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PMR Hydraulics is your partner worldwide on projects.

We modify, extend and repair your hydraulic systems. However complex or diverse it may be.

Competitive in complexity

We perform conversion, new development and renovation projects on cranes, bridges and locks, in the shipping, dredging, offshore and cement industries and in luxury yacht building. Our strength? Our project-based provision of expertise and solutions for excellent hydraulic systems.

A textbook example

Bridge builder Hollandia built a double-decked bridge in Canary Wharf, right in the financial heart of London. A special location and a special design in the shape of a double-decked bridge. 

We were invited by Hollandia to design and supply the drive, including the control system. Our engineering department used the supplied design, with specifications for the moving parts, as a basis for specifying the system, including cylinders with sufficient power and length. We also took care of the power source for this hydraulic system. In brief, a custommade product provided with a Factory Acceptance Test as well as a test on location after installation.

Other examples are projects in Dubai, China, Mexico, Spain, Singapore and the U.S.A

Dover 2012_preview.jpeg
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