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PMR Hydraulics designs and builds complex hydraulic systems tailored to your needs. We do this for, among other things, bridges and locks. From engineering to completion and aftercare. Because continuity is of great importance, the components we use are of high quality. Preventive maintenance on a hydraulic system will minimize downtime at an undesirable time. By carrying out inspections, we can map the system conditions in a short time and notice any upcoming hydraulic malfunctions. You are also at the right address for repair or overhaul of cylinders. Thanks to our fast service, we are able to realize short delivery times for your repair or modification.


Project Hollandia: A textbook example of the performance of PMR Hydraulics Bridge builder Hollandia built a double deck bridge in Canary Wharf, in the heart of London's financial heart. A special location and a special design in the form of a double deck bridge. PMR Hydraulics developed and supplied the drive including control system on behalf of Hollandia. Based on the delivered design, with specs for the moving parts, the engineering department of PMR Hydraulics has engineered the system, including cylinders with sufficient power and length.


PMR Hydraulics also provided the power source for this hydraulic installation. In short, a tailored suit with both a Factory Acceptance Test and a test on location after installation. PMR Hydraulics has contracted its regular partner Verhoef Elektrotechniek to design and manufacture the control system.


The specs for this project:

- Total installed power: 2 x 22kW

- Maximum power lift cylinders (2 units installed): 275 tons / piece or 2.7 Mega Newton

- Maximum power hoisting cylinders (2 units installed): 30 tons / piece or 295 KiloNewton

- Remote control operation

- Self-correcting lifting movement using 4 inclinometers (digital spirit levels).

Canary Wharf Double decks Bridge.jpg
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