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PMR Hydraulics specializes in robust hydraulic systems that are used, among other things, in the offshore industry. We guarantee flexible solutions with a sustainable result. From repair and maintenance to piping systems, rental of hydraulic tools and parts.


Because the offshore industry is officially listed as a market segment with an increased safety risk, our employees are well-informed about the risks that this entails. They are fit and medically in order and have very extensive knowledge and experience in the offshore industry.


Safety occupies a unique place in our daily practice. Our people and work processes must meet the highest safety and quality requirements to prevent damage to a system, the environment, and especially to prevent injury. This enables us to work safely together in the interest of our client and her and our employees.

Employees employed in the offshore industry have the following training courses successfully completed:

- Basic Offshore Safety Course 

- Emergency response training (NOGEPA 0.5A) including      HUET plus emergency breathing system


- Medical certificate




Some of our engineers are in possession of the following additional certificates:


- Climbing and rescue at height offshore industry


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