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About us

Welcome to PMR Hydraulics, where we specialize in conducting projects, maintenance, and repairs for both existing and new hydraulic systems. Alongside our services, we offer an extensive selection of components, ranging from hydraulic cylinders and directional control valves to filters, pumps, motors, winches and more.

As an internationally operating enterprise, we provide services worldwide without compromising on quality. With a wealth of experience in the maritime, dredging, and offshore sectors, we deliver comprehensive hydraulic solutions tailored to meet diverse needs. While maritime applications constitute a significant portion of our work, we also cater to industries such as concrete production, bridge construction, crane operations, and lock systems.

At PMR Hydraulics, we prioritize establishing long-term partnerships with both our customers and suppliers. Our commitment is to consistently deliver appropriate responses and reliable solutions, ensuring utmost satisfaction. Furthermore, we hold health, safety, and environmental considerations in high regard.

Our objective at PMR Hydraulics is to uphold the highest standards of quality from order placement to product delivery. By adhering to our OSHA-approved methods, we prioritize safety for ourselves, our employees, and all those collaborating with us.

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