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PMR Hydraulics is an international operating company that offers a unique total solution for hydraulic systems: Maintenance, repairs, new construction projects, piping systems, a rental park with hydraulic tools and a wide range of parts from different brands that are usually available from stock.


Thanks to our many years of experience in the hydraulic industry, all conceivable hydraulic solutions can be offered quickly. As a result, we are a market-determining provider for the dredging-offshore and maritime industry. We also have leading positions in luxury yachts, construction, bridges, locks and industry. Thanks to our all-in concept, we can switch quickly and serve our customers optimally without the intervention of other parties. We focus on strengthening the position in the home market and structurally expanding the market share abroad.

All-in concept

Through our unique all-in concept, we distinguish ourselves in the hydraulic industry. All disciplines in the field of hydraulic applications are carried out in-house. Thanks to this all-in concept, we can optimally unburden our customers and all hydraulic issues from A to Z can be solved.

Without intervention from other parties, we can switch quickly and resolve faults faster. For example, for repairing a defective pump, it is not necessary to approach another company. Thanks to our total solutions, we believe that we can offer faster, more flexible, better quality and cheaper.

In addition, important starting points are the broad profile in the market and the anticipation of new developments. With extensive knowledge, passionate professional specialists and safety conditions, we stand next to our clients. Our strength is to search together for complete, high-quality and affordable installations. With the ultimate goal of being a 100% satisfied customer


PMR Hydraulics has set itself the goal of delivering a high-quality product from order acceptance through to delivery and aftercare. As a result, we intend to be partly active in the international market segment for complete hydraulic systems.

Focus on innovation and sustainability

Innovation and sustainability are high on the agenda in our organization. We work with the most modern machines and techniques such as non-weld, hi-tech materials and seals.

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