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Bridges and Locks

PMR Hydraulics designs and constructs custom-made, complex hydraulic systems, including systems for bridges and locks. From design to delivery and aftercare, we are here for you. Because continuity is crucial, we use high-quality components. Preventive maintenance on hydraulic systems minimizes unplanned downtime. With regular inspections, we can quickly assess the condition of the system and identify any upcoming issues. You can also rely on us for the repair or revision of cylinders. Thanks to our fast service, we can achieve short lead times for repairs or modifications.

Project Hollandia: An example of our achievements is Project Hollandia, where we developed and delivered the drive system, including control, for a double-decker bridge in Canary Wharf, London, on behalf of Bridge Builder Hollandia. Our engineering department designed the system based on the specifications of the moving parts. We also provided the power source and, together with our longstanding partner Verhoef Electrotechnics, designed and manufactured the control system. The project included:

  • Total installed power: 2 x 22kW

  • Lifting cylinders (2 installed): 275 tons each (2.7 Mega Newton)

  • Maximum power lifting cylinders (2 installed): 30 tons each (295 KiloNewton)

  • Remote control

  • Self-correcting lifting movement using 4 inclinometers (digital spirit levels).

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