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Installation of hydraulic piping

Quality is paramount at PMR Hydraulics. That is why we invest a lot in our people and in our equipment. We always look for new, innovative techniques and applications. Specific equipment so that we can perform our work even better and more efficiently. That way we are always a solid partner for our customers.

Our experienced piping specialists are deployed worldwide to install and commission piping systems. The employees are equipped with the most modern tools such as mobile bending machines, measuring and welding equipment. With high standard equipment we can optimally unburden our customers. The installations meet all requirements for safety, health and environment.

Our work container is used for long-term or complex projects, so that the hydraulic pipework can also be manufactured on site. Any desired size of hydraulic coupling can be applied.

Before hydraulic systems are put into operation, the pipework systems can be flushed with our flush units according to ISO / NAS standards. With this, malfunctions can be prevented and unnecessary maintenance avoided. The installations can be delivered including oil sampling and extensive digital reports.

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