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Prefabrication of piping systems

PMR Hydraulics strives for a perfect quality of the piping systems. To achieve perfection, we continuously invest in new machines and tools.

Our workshop has the most modern equipment to be able to bend the pipelines according to the desired requirements. We prefer to perform the hydraulic pipework non-welded. This ensures you of the highest possible quality, with the least chance of malfunctions. At the client's request, piping systems with welding flanges are also possible.

After receiving the production sketches from our engineering department or client, the pipe sections are machined exactly according to isometric drawings. The pipes are bent as standard on a Transfluid mandrel bending machine. This machine has a bending capacity up to a diameter of 76.1 mm. The pipes are bent with a bending radius of 2.5 x D, but you can of course come to us for every pipe diameter.

The pipelines then go to an assembler who assembles the pipe according to a fixed procedure. If desired, the pipes can be provided with welding couplings and flanges, in accordance with the specifications requested by the customer. There are various options for processing pipe ends, examples of which are:

- EO2 form
- Flare F37
- Retaining
- Walform plus
- Cutting ring

Internal cleaning and preservation

By means of a contaminator eliminator (CE system), the hydraulic pipes are cleaned internally after production in accordance with the standard procedure. The pipework is blinded by means of plastic plugs, but steel seals are also possible. Externally, the pipes can be provided with a paint system according to customer-specific requirements.

Inspections and testing

The following tests and inspections can be carried out by PMR Hydraulics:

- Flushing pipes (or the entire pipework system) according to NAS / ISO guidelines. Cleanliness is checked through oil sample collection, including extensive digital reporting.
- Performing a pressure test.
- Non destructive research by third parties.
- Destructive testing by third parties.

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