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Quality, Safety, Health and the Environment

Quality, safety, health and the environment play an important role within PMR Hydraulics' policy. That is why we invest a lot in our people and in our equipment. We are always looking for new, innovative techniques,  applications and specific material so that we can perform our work even better and more efficient. That way we are always a solid partner for our customers. These matters have the same priority as achieving commercial business objectives.

An integrated, certified quality system has been developed for monitoring that is aimed at complying with both ISO 9001:2015 and VCA* 2017/6.0 (the most common safety standard in Dutch industry) and with all legal labor regulations. Objectives, procedures and guidelines are laid down in manuals and publications. The system is implemented at all levels of the organization. The responsibility for its proper functioning rests with a special KAM (Quality, Health, Safety & Environment) coordinator. This officer has the authority to identify problems, recommend corrective measures and verify compliance with system regulations.

ISO 9001:2015

The ISO 9001:2015 certificate is a sign for the organization and its customers that work is being carried out according to strict rules, that internal business processes are in good order and their quality is guaranteed. As an organization, we believe it is very important that we work according to quality and also radiate this, both to the market and to our internal organization. With our entire team, we are particularly proud that we have achieved this certificate.

What is the ISO 9001:2015 certificate?
A company only receives an ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 9001:2015 certificate if it meets the requirements for the standard. According to this standard, the quality policy must be on paper and this policy must be known to all employees.

In addition, the organization must ensure that customer satisfaction is increased by meeting the requirements and wishes of customers and the legal requirements that apply to the product or service of the organization. In addition, the organization must control business processes and be able to demonstrate this.

VCA* 2017/6.0

PMR Hydraulics obtained the VCA* 2017/6.0 certificate on 26 September 2012. VCA* 2017/6.0 stands for VGM Checklist Contractors. The certificate has been issued by an official inspection body, namely DNV Buisiness Assurance.
Through this method we guarantee our way of working safely for now and in the future. At PMR Hydraulics, safety is a high priority and can be seen in the working methods of recent years. We have always worked in a VCA-worthy way, which means that we immediately obtained the VCA* 2017/6.0 certificate during the 1st audit. The certificate therefore confirms that we have been on the right track for some time.

Approved training company

As a recognized training company, PMR Hydraulics wants to make a contribution to young people who want to follow a course in hydraulics. Given the wide range of services that we provide, we can quickly mean something to them. We can always discuss within our company whether there is a suitable place, from technician to technician. Young people with interest can join us and grow into full-grown hydraulic engineers.

Royal Metal Union

PMR Hydraulics is an official member of the Royal Metal Union, which brings many benefits for the company but also for the customer. By being a member of the Royal Metal Union, the knowledge area of ​​PMR Hydraulics is expanding so a better solution can be offered for the customer.

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