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PMR Hydraulics is a global leader in hydraulic solutions, specializing in projects, maintenance and repairs for both new and existing hydraulic systems. 

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We are actively engaged in conducting projects, maintenance, and repairs for both existing and new hydraulic systems. Additionally, we offer a wide range of components, including hydraulic cylinders, directional control valves, filters, pumps, motors, and winches. As an internationally operating enterprise, we provide worldwide services and maintain high-quality standards.

With years of experience in the maritime, dredging, and offshore sectors, we offer comprehensive hydraulic solutions. While the maritime sector remains a significant focus, we also deliver hydraulic installations for the concrete industry, bridges, cranes, locks, and more.

Our goal is to establish long-term partnerships with both customers and suppliers. We are committed to providing appropriate responses and ensuring customer satisfaction and reliability in every solution we deliver.

"We prioritize long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers, ensuring satisfaction and reliability." - Bas Smaal


A good solution begins with technical knowledge and experience. We strive to translate this knowledge and experience into the preparation and execution of all projects.

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